Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Windows RT 8.1 Upgrade Error

Windows RT 8.1 upgrade fails with Boot Configuration error

First point – How annoying is it that you can only update Windows RT from the App Store, although probably not a drama if you only have one tablet. Slightly annoying if you have two. Both need to download the update, so that’s 2x the several GB needed. If you happen to be an enterprise/business that decided to buy several of them (does such a entity exist?) then it would appear you are about to have a ton of downloads happening unless you boost your proxy cache size.

And now for todays story. I updated one Surface RT with no drama. It took a long time but I just let it run overnight and it was all good the next morning. The other tablet, not so good.


Your PC needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information
File: \BCD
Error code: 0xc000000d

Although it takes a while, and might be a bit tricky, it does seem to be fairly easy to recover from. (UPDATE: I have now received multiple confirmations that this works, and no data is lost!)


First you will need to create a bootable USB recovery drive. If you don’t have one, no problem, you can create one from another Windows 8 device

  1. Insert the USB key in the side of your Surface
  2. While pressing the “volume down” button (-) press the power button (keep holding the volume button)

    1. When the “Surface” logo appears, you can release the volume button

  1. Wait until the Keyboard Language prompt appears
    1. Scroll tediously through the list to find your language and select it (who designed this UI!?!?!?)

  1. Select the “Troubleshoot” option

  1. Select “Advanced options”

  1. Select “Start-up Repair”

    1. This probably won’t work, but it’s worth a go 
  1. If (when) that doesn’t work, you’ll get the following message

    1. Click the “Advanced Options” to go back

  1. (Skip this step if Start-up repair actually worked) – Select  “Command Prompt”

    1. If you get a message about needing to enter your encryption key.

    1. When the command prompt opens type the following and press enter after each

    1. C:
    2. bootrec /rebuildbcd

    1. A  (When prompted for options to add to boot list)

    1. Exit (to close the command prompt)

  1. Now click “Continue” to boot into Windows RT 8.1

  1. At this point the Windows 8.1 upgrade will continue without needing to restore the entire tablet from scratch

    1. It will take a while, so feel free to find something else to do for a while. It’s probably time to wash the dishes or mow the lawn or something anyway.

  1. When it finally finishes, you will get the License Terms screen followed by the rest of the tablet setup steps.

All fixed, Enjoy!

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